Dr Howard Schneider
Dr Howard Schneider

Brief CV

Brief CV  (answering questions patients ask me sometimes and quick reference to papers for colleagues)


Dr Howard Schneider, MD, MDPAC(C), CCFP, FCFP

Sheppard Clinic North, Vaughan, Canada


'MD' = Medical Doctor  (McGill University)

'MDPAC(C)' = Certificant Medical Psychotherapy Association of Canada

'CCFP' = Certificant College Family Physicians of Canada

('Board Certified', a term often heard in various media, refers to US doctors. In Canada, family doctors can be certified in being 'certificants' of the College of Family Physicians of Canada.)

'FCFP' = Fellow College of Family Physicians of Canada
(A designation awarded for continued studies and contributions in areas of family medicine. I have both CCFP and FCFP designations.)



High School -- Montreal, Quebec
Undergraduate University -- Massachusetts Institute of Technology (engineering degree), Cambridge, USA

Medical School -- McGill University, Montreal, Quebec

Internship -- McGill University, Montreal General Hospital, Montreal, Quebec


Work in Family Practice:

Centre Médical I.D.S., Montréal, Québec   1986- 1995
MCI Walk-in Emergency Clinics, Toronto, Ontario 1996- 1999

Work in Psychiatry & Psychotherapy & Related Areas:

Cité de la Santé Hospital, Laval, Québec
(Université de Montréal teaching hospital in psychiatry)
Emergency Department with Admitting Privileges in Psychiatry
1986- 1995

Sheppard Associates/ Sheppard Clinic/ Sheppard Clinic North, Toronto/GTA, Ontario
Community Psychiatry & Psychotherapy
1999 – 2022 (present)


2017 Theratree Award - Medical Psychotherapy Association Canada


2018 BICA Society Outstanding Research Award Diploma -- Ninth Annual International   Conference on Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures 


2022 BICA Society Best Innovative Research Award Diploma -- Thirteenth Annual International Conference on Brain-Inspired Cognitive Architectures for Artificial Intelligence


2023 BICA Society Best Innovative Research Award Diploma "...for The Emergence of Compositionality in a Brain-Inspired Cognitive Architecture" -- Fourteenth Annual International Conference on Brain-Inspired Cognitive Architectures for Artificial Intelligence



Association Participation:

Physician Examiner for The Medical Council of Canada
LMCC Part II Clinical examination   1994 - 2019

Board of Directors of MDPAC (
Medical Psychotherapy Association of Canada)
2008 - 2013
Chair of MDPAC (
Medical Psychotherapy Association of Canada)
2011 - 2013

Certificant Review Committee, MDPAC
2013 - 2024 (present)

OMA (Ontario Medical Association) Section on Primary Care Mental Health

Education Committee
2018 - 2024 (present)


Brain-Inspired Cognitive Architectures for Artificial Intelligence (BICA*AI)
Annual International Conference  -- Program Committee

2019 - 2023



Journal Peer Reviewer (2022):

-Cognitive Systems Research

-Machines (Mechatronic and Intelligent Machines section)


-Frontiers in Psychiatry


-Biomedicines (Neuropsychiatric content)

-Heliyon/Cell Press (AI content)



Journal Peer Reviewer (2023):

-International Journal of Molecular Sciences (neuropsychiatric related articles)

-Current Oncology (AI related articles)


-Medicina (Psychiatry section)

-Sustainability (AI related articles)


-Trauma Care
-Frontiers in Psychiatry


-Cognitive Systems Research


-International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (psychiatry related)


-Qeios  (invited reviewer for AI/AGI articles) (open-access, open peer review journal launched 2019)
(innovative publishing model for fast dissemination of science but suffers from lack of pre-editing)



-Journal of Clinical Medicine (Mental Health section)


-Behavioral Sciences

-iScience/Cell Press (AI content)




Journal Peer Reviewer (2024):

-Cognitive Systems Research


-Heliyon/Cell Press (AI content)

-Behavioral Sciences

-Schizophrenia Bulletin



-Proceedings of the Royal Society B (neuroscience content)


-Innovation/Cell Press (AI content)




'Publications and Presentations Page' (these are simply listed sequentially as they occur; MDPAC Journals are not indexed but links provided; AI-related and medical-related usually indexed differently but links provided to full papers where possible).


Hobbies, Interests:

Human Level Artificial Intelligence ("HLAI" or "AGI")
"Fooling people into thinking a program is intelligent is just not the same as building programs that actually are intelligent" (Gary Marcus)

Prompt to generative AI (e.g.. like ChatGPT but for images) :
"Show salmon  swimming in a river"
(While generative AI's seem smarter than humans (e.g., they can pass medical boards and law bar exams as well as many other amazing abilities) they really have close to zero understanding of what they are doing or of the actual subject material.)