Dr Howard Schneider



Dr Howard Schneider
Sheppard Clinic North
6464 Yonge Street, Unit 206
Toronto, ON M2M 3X4
tel: 416-546-3946
fax: 416-352-1375





Family Medicine Practicing in Psychotherapy 

My practice is restricted to psychotherapy and psychopharmacology of psychiatric disorders, in particular anxiety disorders and depressive disorders. 



A referral from your family doctor is required and must be faxed to the number above. I am only able to take a few new patients each month -- your family doctor must write or speak with me as to what is desired in  assessment and treatment, and if other resources in the community would make more sense for you.

I am unable to return phone calls or emails if there is no referral and no medical chart exists. After a referral is received I will make every effort to contact you as soon as possible. Again, I apologize ahead of time, but professionally I cannot engage in patient discussion without a referral. If it is an inquiry about services I offer, or if there is an availability in my practice, your family doctor's office is welcome to call me before any referral is sent.


December 2018 -- I do not have availability at this time for new patients.
(I don't keep a waiting list as it is unfair for a patient to wait if another caregiver can provide care before me.) 

July 2017 -- I am reducing my practice:

-I no longer provide care for mTBI (mild traumatic brain injury). As well, 3D SPECT neuroimaging is no longer available at Mount Sinai or other centers that I am aware of.

-I no longer provide ADHD/ADD assessments or treatments, except for ongoing patients. 

-I only provide psychotherapy/counseling if there is an underlying significant condition. For example, I don't provide generalized counseling, but I do provide psychotherapy for patients with clinical depression.

-I do not provide treatment for pain conditions or for substance abuse.



Finding Office:

This is a new address. 
The new office is inside Centerpoint Mall, on the 2nd floor, where the offices are.

TTC:  Go to Finch TTC Station, then take any bus going up Yonge north, and get off at or before Steeles, cross the street and you are at Centerpoint Mall (or it is a 15-20 minute walk up Yonge Street).



First Appointment:

In keeping with the rules set up at Sheppard Clinic for the last twenty years, if you cannot come to your first appointment or cannot cancel with at least two days' notice, there is no missed appointment fee, but unfortunately another appointment cannot be booked, and the referring doctor will be notified.

- Please bring your OHIP card and any copies of summaries from other doctors.


Office Hours:

- In keeping with the rules set up at Sheppard Clinic for the last twenty years, if you cannot come to appointments during normal business hours Monday to Friday, then we will make alternate arrangements for refill of your prescriptions and possible ongoing care by communicating with your family doctor or referring doctor.