Dr Howard Schneider
Dr Howard Schneider




Dr Howard Schneider
Sheppard Clinic North
70 East Beaver Creek Road, Unit 30
Richmond Hill, ON  L4B 3B2

tel: 416-546-3946
fax: 289-870-2625
email: sheppard.clinic.north@gmail.com



-If you are an existing patient: emails, phone calls, pharmacy faxes will be returned Tuesday and Friday afternoons (except for dates below). 24/7/365 response is no longer possible unfortunately.

-If for some reason your email or phone call does not appear to be returned, please follow the steps we have discussed.

-*I cannot return medically-related phone calls or emails if there is no active medical chart  -- please speak to your family physician to contact me if there is something medically related.

-*If you were a former patient and email me about some question, please note that I cannot even acknowledge that you were a patient of mine, due to privacy issues of such a message.

-If you were a former patient please note that I cannot refill prescriptions or fill in even simple notes since I must by regulation have an active chart to do this.

-If there is an emergency please speak to your family physician or go to your local emergency department. Do not leave a message or email for emergency situations.

-It is not possible to return messages on or between these dates: [None]




-Please follow the plan to contact me we have discussed. 



MARCH 14, 2020


In support of the government's efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19, all appointments will continue via ordinary telephone or approved government telemedicine system, where possible, until Feb 1, 2021.



Continuity of Care:

Please see 'Circle of Care' for additional information.
After February 1, 2021 continuity of care is more limited, as discussed with all patients on a personalized level.
If you are unable to contact me, your referring doctor (usually your family doctor) should have a summary report from me about your diagnosis and treatment, and can usually refill prescriptions.
If you are unable to contact me or your family doctor,  and it is urgent, then you should go to your local hospital emergency department -- they all have crisis teams, and will see you.




Family Medicine Practicing in Psychotherapy 

My practice is restricted to psychotherapy and psychopharmacology of psychiatric disorders. 



A referral from your family doctor is required and must be faxed to the number above. I am only able to take a few new patients each month -- your family doctor must write or speak with me as to what is desired in  assessment and treatment, and if other resources in the community would make more sense for you. Note: At this time, I am unable to take any new patients.

I am unfortunately unable to return phone calls or emails if no medical chart exists. If you have a question about a treatment, diagnostic scan or availability please discuss first with your family physican, and your physician can contact me for further information. However, I am not allowed to provide any medical advice if no medical chart exists (advice must be provided properly in the context of fully evaluating patients). 
Note: At this time, I am unable to take any new patients.