Dr Howard Schneider
Dr Howard Schneider



Dr Howard Schneider, MD, MDPAC(C), CCFP, FCFP

Sheppard Clinic North

tel: 647-202-3492
fax: 289-870-2625
email: sheppard.clinic.north@gmail.com

Please verify with us that the mailing address/in-office address you have is valid before sending items via courier, mail or presenting to an in-office appointment.



Note: I am unable to return phone calls or emails if no medical chart exists.

Your family physician's office is required to contact me.

Sometimes patients are given my name from a list to call from visits to other clinics or ERs. Unfortunately, without a written request from your family physician's office (or phone call from the family physician's office for informal questions), I cannot respond to any phone calls or emails.



A referral from your family doctor is required and must be faxed to the number above. I am only able to take a few new patients each month. 

Note: At this time, I am unable to take any new patients.



-If you are an existing patient: emails, phone calls, pharmacy faxes will be returned Tuesday and Friday afternoons (except for dates below). 24/7/365 response is no longer possible unfortunately.

-If for some reason your email or phone call does not appear to be returned, please follow the steps we have discussed.

-*I cannot return medically-related phone calls or emails if there is no active medical chart  -- please speak to your family physician to contact me if there is something medically related.

-*If you were a former patient and email me about some question, please note that I cannot even acknowledge that you were a patient of mine, due to privacy issues of such a message.

-If you were a former patient please note that I cannot refill prescriptions or fill in even simple notes since I must by regulation have an active chart to do this.

-If there is an emergency please speak to your family physician or go to your local emergency department. Do not leave a message or email for emergency situations.

-It is not possible to return messages on or between these dates: --


 If there is an urgent situation please follow the emergency plans we have discussed beforehand -- your family physician, if not available the replacement or walk-in physician, the emergency department (most ER's have crisis teams and can offer you help). If you have missed an appointment, for example, and need a refill of your medication, please speak to your pharmacist to see if a refill is possible until ---- (otherwise you will have to see a physician to refill).




Family Medicine Practicing in Psychotherapy 

My practice is restricted to psychotherapy and psychopharmacology of psychiatric disorders.



I am unfortunately unable to return phone calls or emails if no medical chart exists.  If you have a question about a treatment, diagnostic scan or availability please discuss first with your family physician, and your physician can contact me for further information. However, I am not allowed to provide any medical advice if no medical chart exists (advice must be provided properly in the context of fully evaluating patients). Note: At this time, I am unable to take any new patients.